I love food. I hate food.

Food and I have a love hate relationship.

Food is so damn good!!!!!

Food is so damn bad for your body if you do not know what you are doing.

Like anything else in life, food can be used in your advantage or just straight disadvantage.

Either you just eat and get bigger and unhealthier with each bite or you eat all the food you want knowing what your body needs and how much intake you can handle without getting bigger, but bulkier.

We want healthy  food so that we can look like a highly trained athlete without actually being one.

With healthy foods you also need fitness.  Its like two peas in a pod.

You can live with just one pod, but it makes things harder. Who wants harder? – no one.

Everyone wants easy.

WorkOUT and eat right!! Now that’s easy.

Have a banging body and smile at everyone that acknowledges your hard work.

That’s nice.

I highly recommend my personal trainer to help you towards your nutrition goals.

He is tight. And he is located in Sac.

He specializes in creating the best person out of you.



His site below:



reggie bush Delicious.

B-day and V-day. Every year. Same person. New present.


Birthdays. Geez they get old.

You love your own birthday, of course. You were born and your awesome.

Other peoples birthday:

1. You forget half of them and you feel bad

2. Every year you are obligated to by presents for your loved ones on there birthday- but your broke. So if you don’t get them anything you look like a horrible person.

3. I just want cake.

4. When do you stop celebrating them?


Birthdays are hard because everyone is different and you do not know what to get someone. You got them an amazing present last year, but you did so good that time that this year your present will be sucky.

Now next subject


Valentines Day. Ugh.

I have a boyfriend who I love deeply, but sometimes you just do not want to celebrate V-day. I do not want to celebrate it because we treat every other day like valentines day.

That’s how it should be.

You should treat your significant other so special that it makes other people hate you. I would rather my boyfriend take me on a ride around the town. Spontaneously. Now that’s the best.

So back to birthdays and why I am combining B-days with V-day.

These are both days that you have no idea what would be a good gift, right?

You do not want to spend time at the store and come out with a gift card.

I have found the solution to the amazing gift that you can keep on giving year after year.

A ride in a limo.

You have them pick up your friend or spouse at a desired location, without them knowing. BOOM. Instantly surprised and love you 50x more.

Then you have them take to (insert activity here) and have a night to remember.

That’s all you have to do. BOOM.



My favorite limo rental place would definitely be Sacramento Limousine.  See here for there webpage to rent a limo for absolutely any occasion.

Never worry about a gift for B-day or V-day ever again.



Hello Fellow Human.


Hello Human.

You and I are very alike and you and I are very different.

We both like certain things and we both dislike certain things.

We both are good at specific things and we both are opinionated in others.

Regardless of who you are and what you are, these are just things I enjoy about the speed of life.

Racing through the world not knowing what is next.

Trying to reach a goal no one but you can see.

Lets just spread our knowledge to the world and hope someone else out there enjoys to listen.