What a bunch of fools

Celebrity Gossip

Ryan Lochte, famed U.S. swimmer and Olympian, was recently dropped by four major sponsors including Speedo and Ralph Lauren due to his fabrication of details concerning a robbery. Lochte and two other U.S. swimmers were allegedly robbed at gunpoint as they returned from a party in Rio. After officials questioned the three alleged victims they noticed differences in the stories told between the three resulting in Lochte being accused of fabricating this story.

As of yet, no one is certain of the reasoning behind these swimmers actions but what is certain is that all three swimmers are being punished from multiple sources including their sponsors. Lochte, along with his swimming partners, openly confessed to twisting their story and apologized to both the U.S. and the Olympic organization for their actions. What a bunch of fools.

Listen, you can not be a celebrity and lie to the public who is watching your every move. You have to be smart. Be a smart business owner and be honest. The more truthful you are to your public they will notice and tell other great people.

They might even get you links to your blog so that more people can follow you. I think that Ryan is a great athlete, but come one man be smart these days. Its 2016.

B-day and V-day. Every year. Same person. New present.


Birthdays. Geez they get old.

You love your own birthday, of course. You were born and your awesome.

Other peoples birthday:

1. You forget half of them and you feel bad

2. Every year you are obligated to by presents for your loved ones on there birthday- but your broke. So if you don’t get them anything you look like a horrible person.

3. I just want cake.

4. When do you stop celebrating them?


Birthdays are hard because everyone is different and you do not know what to get someone. You got them an amazing present last year, but you did so good that time that this year your present will be sucky.

Now next subject


Valentines Day. Ugh.

I have a boyfriend who I love deeply, but sometimes you just do not want to celebrate V-day. I do not want to celebrate it because we treat every other day like valentines day.

That’s how it should be.

You should treat your significant other so special that it makes other people hate you. I would rather my boyfriend take me on a ride around the town. Spontaneously. Now that’s the best.

So back to birthdays and why I am combining B-days with V-day.

These are both days that you have no idea what would be a good gift, right?

You do not want to spend time at the store and come out with a gift card.

I have found the solution to the amazing gift that you can keep on giving year after year.

A ride in a limo.

You have them pick up your friend or spouse at a desired location, without them knowing. BOOM. Instantly surprised and love you 50x more.

Then you have them take to (insert activity here) and have a night to remember.

That’s all you have to do. BOOM.



My favorite limo rental place would definitely be Sacramento Limousine.  See here for there webpage to rent a limo for absolutely any occasion.

Never worry about a gift for B-day or V-day ever again.



No on Trump



Months ago the Trump nomination seemed impossible but now things are looking a little bit different.

One Donald trump announced his campaign people thought that there was no way he would gain support after the comments he made about immigrants. We thought that his campaign Would be over when he called a band for the Muslims. We thought the people had the last straw, but again in again and again Trump supporters have gained more support. Everybody has called Trump and his supporters racist, sexist, And many more which are very good reasons for why Trump should not and cannot should ever be the president of the United States.

There are large population of Americans who feel displaced and feel that their country might be lost. They feel that their country and way of living will be taken from them if they do not choose Trump. One thing we all know, as well as Trump supporters, is that Trump is not a qualified candidate. He is telling  faulty promises to his public because some of his promises are so out rages that he will not even be able to pay the things he wants to deliver. Who do you think will end up paying for the big massive wall? Not trump. The people will have to end up paying everything more on taxes more on gas pay more on everything for what Trump wants.

Is this what you want? Do you want your taxes to go up higher than they already are? Do you want to live in a place where You have no say. The Mexican president has repeatedly said that they are not paying for no wall. And which Trump has kept saying that Mexico will pay for the wall. If Trump is president of the United States how can another president make another nation pay for anything? Trump has not said anything about his plan to make a wall and how he was going to afford it. The only thing that Trump has answered about the wall is that he plans to use a trade deficit with Mexico in order to pressure them to pay for the wall.

However, trump forgets to tell the people at the US does have a trade deficit with Mexico, but it is also true that Mexico was our third largest trade partner and 2015. The total amount of trade with Mexico had a net worth of $3.7 trillion. Trump puts our third largest trade partner and 2016 at risk of losing it all. At this point you would stop and think that Trump is only thinking about himself. He is not thinking about the other nine billion people that live in the United States. We need the goods that are being traded from Mexico. How do you expect to keep on living the American life if you do not have Ally’s around the world that have important necessities to live the luxurious life. Mexico can refuse to import American products in retaliation for their own products not being allowed in the United States.

Products that are made in America that employee Americans exported $236 billion to Mexico. It’s also not just border states that depend on a trade with Mexico. 20% of our exports come from South Dakota, Nebraska and New Hampshire. Mexico is the largest supplier of car parts sold in the USA. Trumpet also deal with a potential loss of 6 million jobs. Trump is ready to destroy The economy of California, Michigan, and Texas all for his selfish desires. All this loss would be over a wall. Do you want to lose your job because Trump wants to build a wall? Yikes. One thing for sure is that Mexico’s economy will suffer if their products are not imported into the US. For this reason there are many Mexicans now migrating back into Mexico as there are as many Mexicans immigrating into America. If Mexico’s economy worsens we will see a reversal of recent migration patterns because while Trump is pressuring Mexico by cutting off trade Mexicans won’t be able to find jobs in Mexico and will send them to America.

So let’s American ask ourselves in deep consideration, thought, and clarity: is Donald Trump actually qualified to be president and deliver on his promises? And will his promises bring overall positive or negative actions? Let’s think.



My whole life I’ve seen my father and my mother work 8 to 5 jobs, 40 hours a week. My mom got her bachelors washy have three kids and working full-time.

Now I have my bachelors and I’m working full-time.

My parents are happy for me and so is my family. But I’m not happy.

I believe it there’s another way, that there’s more opportunities out there. What I mean by opportunities is that we shouldn’t be stuck on the 8 to 5 job that you don’t like. Right now I’m with the Sacramento County and it’s a good job but I’m not passionate about it whatsoever. I dread going to work every morning and I want to call in sick. I only go for the money.

Now the times have changed and new technology is a rising and education is booming I believe There’s different Opportunities now then there were back then.

I want to be an entrepreneur. If you don’t know what an entrepreneur is it somebody that is self-employed and invest time and money into the present so that their future could be a success without working 8 to 5. Or somebody who wants time freedom and wants to be financially free. And entrepreneur someoneWho’s not afraid to work hard now for the benefits later, but later as in your younger years.

Most people wait all their lives until they are 65 and are able to retire. And then when they retire they realize that they still don’t have the money that they thought they would. They end up retiring Poor and they’re not able to travel as much as they thought or do whatever they please as much as I thought.

I want to be financially free and independent and have my time. To me time is most valuable thing in this world and we should work hard to gain our time back. Right now I have a few things in the works and they will be successful.

Hey but if I fail I’m gonna learn from my mistakes and keep working at it. I have already cried many times and I was mild many other times. But I know that it’s going to be all worth it.

William James

William James


Photo Caption

Above is a photo of the book Psychology: A Briefer Course by William James. This specific, leather bound, limited edition, top 100 greatest Masterpieces of American literature book was published from The Franklin Library in 1983 (Wease, 2006). This book is a complex condensation of James’s larger work The Principles of Psychology. The larger work contains twenty-eight chapters and nearly 1,400 pages; it touched on all of the major topics of psychology, including brain function, habit, the stream of thought, the self, attention, association, memory, sensation, imagination, perception, instinct, the emotions, will, and hypnotism (Fancher & Rutherford, 2012). In 1892, James shortened his textbook into a single volume of 297 pages. James made many revisions and added several chapters on the physiology of the senses that helped connect his psychology with the other sciences of the period. The shorter work was informally called “Jimmy,” to distinguish it from the larger work “James.” Originally published in 1892, it was soon widely adopted in many colleges and universities and was soon the textbook by which thousands of students were instructed psychology as an empirical natural science. Psychology: Briefer Course is the twelfth title and fourteenth volume in the works of William James. It represents James’s final intentions as an authoritative text. After more than ninety years it is still a valuable and extremely readable resource to the introduction of psychology. It is such an immense influence in the academic movement that helped in the establishment of psychology as an independent discipline, separate from philosophy (James, 1983).

Keep a good circle of friends.



Keep a good circle of friends.

Every new person that you meet you should treat them as if they are the most important person you’ll ever meet. Respect others and treat others the way that you want others to respect and treat you. This way you will learn to respect yourself at a higher level.

You will attract happy and successful people with the same mind set as you. People will be trying to find you to try and hang out with you. You must be careful here though because no everyone is trustworthy and they must earn your trust.

Trust, but investigate is my motto. Trust until they give you a reason not to trust them.

When you judge others you are not defining them, you are defining yourself. I love the quote, “ What Sally says of Sarah says more of Sally then of Sarah”

Be careful what you say about other people. Make sure you are respectful because you never know how someone can help you and you never know how you can help them.

Make sure you also treat your inner circle of friends with respect as well. Everyone needs good friends. Friends are people that know a lot about you, but are still willing to be your friend at the end of the day. They will take care of you if you take care of them. If you inspire them they will inspire you. If you do this then you will make your life a whole lot easier and happier.

Nothing is more valuable then great, amazing friends to be able to share experiences with. This also goes hand in hand with family. Treat your family with respect because at the end of the day they are all you have, if you haven’t lost them already.


I love food. I hate food.

Food and I have a love hate relationship.

Food is so damn good!!!!!

Food is so damn bad for your body if you do not know what you are doing.

Like anything else in life, food can be used in your advantage or just straight disadvantage.

Either you just eat and get bigger and unhealthier with each bite or you eat all the food you want knowing what your body needs and how much intake you can handle without getting bigger, but bulkier.

We want healthy  food so that we can look like a highly trained athlete without actually being one.

With healthy foods you also need fitness.  Its like two peas in a pod.

You can live with just one pod, but it makes things harder. Who wants harder? – no one.

Everyone wants easy.

WorkOUT and eat right!! Now that’s easy.

Have a banging body and smile at everyone that acknowledges your hard work.

That’s nice.

I highly recommend my personal trainer to help you towards your nutrition goals.

He is tight. And he is located in Sac.

He specializes in creating the best person out of you.



His site below:



reggie bush Delicious.

Hello Fellow Human.


Hello Human.

You and I are very alike and you and I are very different.

We both like certain things and we both dislike certain things.

We both are good at specific things and we both are opinionated in others.

Regardless of who you are and what you are, these are just things I enjoy about the speed of life.

Racing through the world not knowing what is next.

Trying to reach a goal no one but you can see.

Lets just spread our knowledge to the world and hope someone else out there enjoys to listen.